I am a creatively oriented developer whose focus is performant and attractively designed experiences online. I pride myself on work that allows for experimentation, working with unusual constraints and producing effective solutions.

Currently: Front End Developer @ Shopkeep Inc.
Formerly: GMMB+, Huge, CultureShockMedia DTC, Smithsonian NMAAHC, The Corcoran Gallery & School of the Arts & Design

Partial to: Big beautiful displays, playing loud music at house parties, Beyonce, fast custom rigs, minute details on everyday objects, seinen/josei manga.

Bringing a new vision (and renewed mission) to life.


After building the event site for the inaugural Media Rise Festival in 2013, I was rejoined the team to implement the new organizational website that acted once more as a hub for the festival. Now is serves as a starting point for all information pertaining to the organization, Media Rise. Complete brand/identity and website visual design by Sergey Grigorian and primary creative direction by Erica Schliakjer.

Refreshing a platform and
expanding an organization's capabilities

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Postsecondary Success

Collaborating with other gmmb+ creatives, I guided the initial reference designs and assisted in ensuring its adaptability for mobile and functionality. Utilizing Wordpress, I have implemented an extensive custom bootstrapped template with several views, custom post types with minimal 3rd party dependencies. The site was deployed on Windows 8 Server/IIS per the client's request.

Getting consumers info they want.


A partnership betwee GMMB & iStrategyLabs , Mixify was biult as the home of a national campaign between America's Beverage companies. I was responsible for the final phases of this Wordpress driven build. Tasks included improving page performance of certain visual features, and modifying the custom Angular application driving the site's "Ask the Experts" functionality. I was responsible for deployment, custom Google Analytics event tracking and maintenance. To date the site has seen more than 250,000 users total, with a daily average of about 3,000 users.

Capturing moments in a city (or two).

District Duo